New Age Fallacies Watches Out For These Symptoms

New Age Fallacies Watch Out For These Symptoms

The New Age marketplace includes countless well-meaning people. We applaud those who insist on honesty with their offerings and don put profits first.

However, like any industry, it has its share of tricksters and hucksters. Many don mean to mislead, but they feel pressure to generate income and press, and in the process lose their integrity.

Note: this article may seem egative?to some people, but by pointing out the harsh reality of the mystical marketplace, our goal is to help you avoid falling for New Age hype, which can waste time and money and seriously hinder your spiritual progression.

Since the 1980s wee investigated virtually everything under the metaphysical rainbow. In the early years, we experienced a lot of dead-ends, but as time went on we gradually learned how to tell the difference between authentic mysticism and claptrap.

Cosmic carnival barkers make wild promises and statements including these: achieve never-ending prosperity and bliss through unity consciousness training; master ascension beyond the polarity of this dimension; rid yourself of your life karma without having to balance it directly; create the reality you want, overriding your predetermination; dissolve your spiritual parameters; everything is shifting to a new dimension and you can shift into the reality you want; extreme financial and love life success is your birthright; you can have it all due to the new potent spiritual era we are in at this time; everyone is transiting from cause and effect to resonant causation so you can create whatever you want though the power of intent; get rid of all the bad stuff in your life through forgiveness training; and so on.

Misinformation plus the desire for profit along with the power of persuasion, particularly when helped along by a gang of merry demons from the dark side, makes New Age dead ends all too common.

Watches for these telling symptoms of New Age funny business to save time and money:

1. In a bookstore you happen across a book entitled chieve Anything, Guaranteed!?and suddenly have an unexplained feeling of abdominal bloating. It your subconscious telling you the author is full of it.

2. The urge to vomit after a Facebook friend recommends liking a New Age fan page entitled ise Above Your Financial Debt Through Easy Spiritual Exercises,?isn because of what you ate for lunch.

3. Pay attention to the irritability you sense beneath the surface of your consciousness after you notice that famous best-selling author is promoting what seems like his hundredth book about getting the ife you deserve.?

4. That persistent ringing in your ears isn tinnitus, it your spiritual guides telling you that the ind Your Soul Mate in Less Than 30 Days?programs and other too-good-to-be-true promotions are to be taken with a grain of salt.

5. Feelings of disorientation and not knowing where you are for periods of time don necessarily mean youe in the twilight zone or that you need to see a doctor. One can help but suffer such symptoms after being bombarded with New Age seminar promo e-mails like this: ?..Millions of people have read his books, but few have heard these secrets live. In attending this seminar, you will learn about the single, simple exercise that immediately makes people get rid of suffering for good and prosper!

Perhaps the author marketing team needs to add a disclaimer: his man is a creative writer and showman, about as far from a spiritual teacher as you can get. So when you don get the results we promised, remember that wel say anything to make money. And we do!

If you experience any of these or similar symptoms on your spiritual path, note the topic of your focus, and remind yourself that sometimes a desire for profit and recognition come before truth or a well-researched claim.

We would like to remind New Age promoters that the New Age industry won ever be viewed favorably by sending people down the primrose path of illusion. It best to temper those big promises with a dose of reality and a disclaimer. Also, authentic mysticism is about self-discovery, not escapism.

Our findings show that you can cheat fate, but you have free will to make the most of your predestination, within the framework of your fate.

Maintain a sharp sense of discernment and youl save an enormous amount of time and money on your spiritual journey and avoid the New Age malarkey.

Free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 13 Other Spiritual Laws Besides the Law of Attraction. We offer practical spiritual guidance and tools, including Spiritual Detox and Let Go MP3 meditation audios

Copyright Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Need More Time Consider These Brands of Watches

Need More Time Consider These Brands of Watches

When you think of watches, what brand names come to mind? If you are like most people, you probably can quickly pull up the names of some very high-end quality watchmakers and some very popular and populist watchmakers. In fact, chances are good that your list of watch brands included names like Timex, Cartier Replica Watches and Bulova. Brands such as Invicta, Movado or Croton may not as easily come to mind, but these brands are among some of the most fashion-forward, quality watches available today. What brands should you consider if you were looking for a high-quality, stylish watch? Check out these names for your watch-shopping pleasure.


Under the management/guidance of CEO and President Eyal Lalo, Invicta has stepped to the forefront in the fashion watch world. Featuring watches for both men and women, Invicta is the name to look to for timepieces that stand out. The company is well-known for both innovative design and high quality workmanship, and it shows throughout their lines, from the top of the range Emperor line to the much-more-reasonably-priced Lupah Revolution.

Invicta designs run the gamut from traditional and classic designs for dress, casual and sports wear to funky, fun fashion Replica Watches like the Baby Lupah collection for women, which features seven interchangeable leather bands in colors like lime green and hot pink. The luxury Pro Diver collection speaks the language of Swiss clockmakers, featuring back windows to show off the clockworks inside and “complications”.

Stuhrling Original

Stuhrling was founded by Max Stuhrling in the late 1800s. The original Max Stuhrling was a Swiss clockmaker who designed and built Swiss Replica Watches and clockworks for big names in the Watches making industry ?and allowed them to put their own names on his designs. There a legend that Stuhrling broke his hand in a dispute over financial matters with one of his clients, which should have destroyed his ability to do the fine work for which he was well-known. Instead, he continued to produce fine Replica Watches UK and clocks ?but in reality, it was his 11 year old son who was doing the work, having been trained by his father to carry on the tradition. The company was established by that son, and has continued to make the finest quality Swiss timepieces, priced for the moderate market.

Stuhrling Original creates beautiful, timeless designs that feature high quality Swiss movement and bold designs for men and women. The prices fall into the moderate price range, and the quality is top-notch.


Chase-Durer is a relative newcomer in the watch-making world. Founded in the last decade by film producers Brandon and Marianne Chase, the Chase-Durer name quickly has become synonymous with high-quality, accurate timepieces that are stylish and durable. Marianne Chase originally wanted to create a line of watches that catered specifically to the needs of pilots. She began by commissioning research to learn exactly which features were most important, and sought out craftsmen who are expert at design and workmanship to create a line of watches based on all the most important features needed by flyers everywhere.

From the start, Chase-Durer watches were immediately adopted and hailed by pilots around the world. It didn take long for their popularity to spread beyond the flying world. The quality and durability of their watches coupled with the fashion-forward design represented in styles like the Men Cloud Chaser Diamond Watches has made the Chase-Durer name one to be reckoned with.


The Croton Watches Company is a family-run business founded in 1878 in Switzerland. The Croton family continues to run the company along the traditions established by its founders ?attention to detail, quality workmanship and accuracy of the timekeeping movements. While Croton makes watches of all styles and kinds, including dress and sport watches for men, the collection that really sets the company apart is their many lines of men casual watches. Those watches feature bold styles, unexpected colors and unusual material combinations that make Croton watches a cut above the usual watch.

One of the most unusual and striking Croton watches is the Automatic Genuine Stone Accent Skeleton Dial watch, which features an exhibition back to give a peek inside at the actual works, and a skeleton face with a cutout to show the works from the front. The face is made in a choice of tiger-eye, malachite or opal. It a truly stunning watch that is representative of the style and quality of the company standards.

There are other names to watch as well ?Android, Movado, Swiss Legend, Renato ?and each has a unique story and style that is easily distinguished from the rest. If you are looking for a timepiece that features high quality workmanship and remarkable design, look beyond the usual suspects and find a designer that you love.

Munger Road Movie 2011 Online Free Download Full HD

Munger Road Movie 2011 Online Free Download Full HD

The eve of the annual Scarecrow Festival, two St. Charles police officers search for a return killer the same night four teenagers go missing on Munger Road. The Road shares the premise of the novel on which it is based: a father (Mortensen) and his young son (Smit-McPhee) struggle to survive after an unspecified cataclysm has destroyed civilization, killed almost all plant and animal life, and obscured the sun; only remnants of mankind remain alive, reduced to scavenging or cannibalism. The man and boy travel southward, in the hope that it will be warmer. Along the way, they search for shelter, food, and fuel, and avoid bands of cannibals while trying to maintain their own sense of humanity.

The man carries a revolver, but has only two bullets, which he wants to keep in case they need to commit suicide. Flashback and dream sequences spaced throughout the narrative show how the man wife, who has a much larger role in the film than in the book, committed suicide after delivering the child and losing the will to go on.

After shooting a member of a cannibal gang, the man is left with only one round in his gun. Later, the pair enter a large house, and discover it to be inhabited by cannibals who are keeping live victims in the basement and are harvesting their limbs; believing they will be caught, the man prepares to shoot his son, to spare him the horror and pain of this fate, but the cannibals are distracted and they escape.

Further down the road they find a house with an underground shelter full of canned food, which they feast on, but the man is too nervous to stay in one spot for long. They later encounter an old, dying man (Duvall). The son encourages his initially reluctant father to converse with him and feed him. Arriving at the coast, they are robbed; they catch the thief and the father forces him to strip, leaving the thief naked by the road. As they pass through a ruined town, the man is shot with an arrow but he kills his attacker. Watches Munger Road Movie Online

The man begins to cough up blood. After they reach the coast, his condition deteriorates and he realizes he is likely to die soon. Near death, he again emphasizes to his son the values of self-preservation and humanity. After the father dies, the son is approached by a father (Pearce), mother (Parker), two children, and a dog who have been following the man and son for some time out of concern for the boy. The boy agrees to join them.

The Road is a 2009 post-apocalyptic drama film directed by John Hillcoat and written by Joe Penhall. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning 2006 novel of the same name by American author Cormac McCarthy, the film stars Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee as a father and his son in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Filming took place in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Oregon. The film received a limited release in North American cinemas from November 25, 2009, and was released in UK cinemas on January 4, 2010

The Road was originally scheduled to be released in November 2008. It was pushed back to be released in December, and then pushed back a second time to sometime in 2009. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio decided that the film would benefit from a longer post-production process and a less crowded release calendar.

Watches Munger Road movie Online. To View The Full HD free movies online for free

Mr. Trump A Rolex Watches is Not a Moral Compass

Mr. Trump A Rolex Watches is Not a Moral Compass

Obviously, this title is a hook, I have no idea what kind of a watch Donald Trump wears, but I don know what kind of moral compass he follows either ?does anyone?

Mr Trump cockiness has brought him to the top of the endless polls as the candidate with the toughest rhetoric against everything the leftists, liberals and lawless bunch think is peachy keen.

But, is it anything more than rhetoric? Is there any substance, past record, long standing position, moral perseverance or even believability to anything the Donald says?

On closer examination it seems that Trump is a political Indiana Jones – he is just making it up as he goes along.

The latest wishy washy uninformed proclamation is a statement made on CNN that he would like to see some of Planned Parenthood programs and services continued and given ample funding.

Live Action Lila Rose says rump vacillation on Planned Parenthood funding is deeply troubling, and reveals an ignorance about their horrific abortion practicesheir killing over 320,000 children a year, and bartering to sell the body parts of those they abort. It obvious from Mr. Trump comments that he has not watched the Planned Parenthood videos released by Center for Medical Progress. That is the only way he could recommend to continue funding this abortion conglomerate that is totally unnecessary and any organization that engages in these human rights abuses does not deserve a penny of tax payers?money. It would be better spent on health services that would save the lives of women and babies. I challenge Mr. Trump to watch the videos.?

Trump has insulted Megyn Kelly, risked a war with Fox Roger Ailes, and proclaimed on CNN ew Day?that if he whines enough he will always win.

Trump said, do whine because I want to win and I’m not happy about not winning and I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.?

Someone – give this man his baby binky before he spits-up all over us.

Mr. Trump claims to be a Presbyterian, a church that recently altered its definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. He says he tries to go to church and at the very least will attend on Christmas and Easter.

Among evangelicals a Christmas-Easter type Christian is called a CE which is another way of saying they are wannabes. Discipleship and church attendance are miles apart. A bit of church attendance can neither make a Christian nor deny him the chance to become one, but modern mans over reliance on all things relative is often only a means to self-deception

What is relative is that even Trump could not buy Big Ben from the British, but we could stand in front of Big Ben and ask a man who wears a twenty five dollar Timex for the time and get the same result.

What we cannot do is – get what is moral from a timepiece.

Relativity fails when it comes to morality. We can ask any person for advice but they can only deliver what has previously been deposited. To wit:

good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.?(Lu 6: 45)

When we put it all together, what America has done after hearing and cheering Trump statements about immigration and his subsequent refusal to back down, is to waive him through to the front of the line.

Now, we would send a warring, whining, wishy-washy, wannabe ?winging his way to Washington without a wary word to the wise!

Good thinking America!

It is at this juncture you would expect this writer to say, we should believe the Bible, then quote a verse or two that would cast aspersions on the Donald. While it not a bad idea we can start that high up the common sense ladder. Let look at the first few wrungs and ask these questions on what we think we should believe about Donald Trump.

Do we you believe that in several lifetimes Mr. Trump can get Mexico to pay for our wall on the border?

Do we really believe that this self-proclaimed star is the right ego and the right temperament to have his finger on the nuclear button in today volatile world?

Do we honestly believe that a cocky billionaire has any lasting solution to the deep moral decline we have been in for an entire generation?

Can money, jobs, business acumen, stock market booms and burgeoning markets get God to back off from even one of his promises that clearly say the nation that sins will be cutoff and eventually destroyed.

Don believe God? Then take an honest look at history, it wouldn be the first time a nation plunged into moral decline and passed from history – never to be heard from again.

I will provide this one verse, lest I be remiss in my duty and calling.

h sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.?(Isaiah 1: 4)

Abortion, chop-shop babies, perverted marriage, an ongoing national sexual obsessive compulsive disorder, corruption and deep darkness on every level don mean much; Trump solution for all of this is – kick China butt, bounce the immigrants back to Mexico, conjure up a few jobs and proceed to live happily ever after.

This is not bad thinking, it is the means by which we will become the world bully instead of the world policemen – it is callous cultural degradation that defies God and insults the very heritage of our nation.

Michael Bresciani is the publisher of American since 2005. The website features the articles and reports of Rev Bresciani along with some of America best writers and journalists, news and reviews that have earned the site the title of – The Website for Insight. Millions have read his timely reports and articles in online journals and print publications across the nation and the globe. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Movies To Watches Free

Movies To Watch Free
Top Web Developer – Wallace Chaplin says: “Our movie viewers could not be more suited with the redesign of the watch free movies feature, it has a new site and feel and enable fanatics to browse and interact with the web blog tools “. Tony as well went on to say: “It is just the establishing, above the next few years users will know how the true power of video links. As the web internet is seems to become a most important a division of our day by day of lives, it is fetching simple to watch movies freshly released free movies online. On the internet all categories of benefits to watch movies online as similar to hopping to the cinema theater or throwing away money that you have not got at the local blockbuster store.
Firstly – you may see up to date released watch free movies in the security of our own home and you do not need to pay a penny or nickel for a cinema ticket! Secondly – some theater stores are now charging up to a night to lease per dvd. How could you spend that money when you can watch movies for free all free?
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A lot of people are discovering for this types of profits of service nevertheless they are very disappointed with what they stumble on. Loads of positive websites that push having Watches free movies links that you could Watches then you arrive at the site you are needed to complete a survey or download an disturbing ad software to your computer or laptop. Happily for you unsatisfying and time overwhelming experiences are finished.
You don’t have to complete any surveys or download advertisement service on your PC or notebook since numerous of your topnotch movies are being hosted on trustworthy known clips pages like Metacafe, Megavideo or YouTube.
When viewers subscribe a subscription with these clips webs they were notified not to send infringing content. The users that put up the movies are becoming clever and slyness by cloaking the movie name with a scramble signs therefore websites, administrators can’t search to eliminate them, therefore luckily for you, movie viewer, you may watch bunch of movies online for free!
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Movado Replica Watches A Timeless Fashion Accessory

Movado Watches A Timeless Fashion Accessory

Anyone that has ever put on a trendy watch or timepiece may well be well aware of the reputation of Movado watches as being a well known style classic coveted by wearers and envied by many, however were you aware that these fantastic watches are way more than just attractive? jewelry, Movado watches carry subtle nuances and implications relating to the wearer. Probably the simplest way to understand the symbolism of dressing with a Movado watch is to gain a greater understanding of its story, the symbolism that some wearers get from Movado watches and how the innovative construction of these chronographs enables form to meet function.

The Lore of Movado Watches

Though there are a variety of watches to purchase nowadays, Movado watches convey a conotation of quality and durability that come from the manufacturer’s long tradition. Established in 1881, this Swiss organisation has invariably focused on crafting superior quality watches; believe it or not its’ very name means “Always in Motion,” an acknowledgment of Movado watches’ durability. standing, Movado has developed a reputation for superior style through the invention of its legendary Museum Watch. Developed in 1947, this Movado Watches incorporates a individual gold on the dial and was the initial Watches of its kind to be shown at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Certainly, Movado Replica Watches are viewed with esteem and reverence, suggesting that wearers offer an outstanding knowledge of taste and design.

Stylish Ladies Movado Watches

Having established an outstanding reputation for design, it’s obvious that women from around the globe revere ladies Movado Swiss Replica Watches and aspire to have one for their use. Employing a special elegance all their own, ladies Movado Replica Watches UK are built from the highest quality metals including diamonds, gold, tungsten carbide, stainless steel and supple leather. While many styles for ladies Movado watches possess timeless looks, there are a number of contemporary styles that provide women the kind of progressive look that accentuate well with today’s trends. For instance, ladies Rondiro Movado watches feature a finished bracelet of circular links which has special Movado design element, while the ladies Concerto Watches features subtle contours of the famous Museum watch. Regardless of the specific model, ladies Movado watches offer the air of sophisticated, fashion forward woman.

Rugged: Men’s Movado Watches

Men of all types appreciate men’s Movado watches for their special power to present not just a strong image but additionally a trendy one. The design and appearance of Movado watches grant men a vast selection of looks that can express their pastimes, specialised achievements and sense of style all rolled up in one. Series 800 men’s Movado watches are sturdy chronographs that suggest an energetic lifestyle necessitating a multifunction timepiece to stay on time throughout chaotic days and energetic nights. On the other hand, Metio men’s Movado watches have a subdued, stylish appearance most suitable for the professional. With the great variety of men’s Movado watches, every man can get a hold of a timepiece that suits his needs, accentuate his style and make a affirmation about who he is as a man.

Mediatek MT8389 VS Allwinner A31S, which is the best

Mediatek MT8389 VS Allwinner A31S, which is the best

Mediatek MT8389 is recently popular tablet pc support phone call,now there are lots of 7.9 inch Narrow Bezel design tablet carry this platform. Born earlier Allwinner A31s has been widely used, in the same size products are easily visible.Today why make a contrast with these two CPUs, main because they have so many similarities, except the Mediatek platform original support the phone call, these two processors are close to with some key parameters,all use not high frequency quad core Cortex A7 frame, GPU graphics core all the powerVR SGX544 series, related products all configure 1GB RAM. Then,about the funtion aspect,The emergence of new MT8389 with pop for Allwinner A31s exactly what does tall what is low, is worth to discuss.


Simple contrast, MT8389 process technology is more advanced, frequency is higher than 0.2 GHz, the memory configuration about the same, choose different types of memory will be some influence to power consumption. Worth mentioning is that although both GPU are SGX544 series, but the former is mononuclear four lines, the latter is a dual-core eight pipeline. Available data show that the former GPU frequency may be slightly higher, as for the actual effect remains to be compared.

Among the famous GLBenchmark the latest version of the test, the scores are also A31s more dominant, graphics performance, using MP2 dual-core GPU volunteer in all four nuclear have more advantages.

Fluency and speed:

Contrast is used in the two models are running relatively new Android 4.2.2 system, the comparison of simple desktop sliding frame rate, there is almost no significant difference, with 60 hz or so because of the close proximity to the screen refresh rate. But the actual flow characteristics of the two are not the same, A31s switch interface reaction is quite fast, but better not MT8389, the smoothness of the transition animation, I think the latter give people feel more comfortable. Overall, the two schemes to XGA resolution are not much pressure and flow basic is relatively satisfactory. By the way, although the conventional collocation 1 gb of memory, but MT8389 available space more comfortable, more than 600 MB, and A31s products tend to only around 500 MB.


Stability needs long time use to feel out, just two or three days with down, personal feel both are relatively stable, but is still MT8389 than slightly better. Although this is a new plan soon, but when compared to optimize the whole quad-core, do not fall in the wind. Instead is A31s compared with opportunities to a crash phenomenon, and a connection to the computer transfer files suddenly disconnect it himself.

Switch machine time: Both schemes support quick start function, MT8389 products in this mode boot just 5 seconds, A31s models for 7 seconds. The quick start mode, the former boot 31 seconds, the latter 26 seconds. Shutdown latency, MT8389 slightly slow for a second. Considering the switch machine at the same time also can have differences in different models. Therefore, this comparison will see relinquishment, both difference is not big?

Software compatibility and running effect: Under the same architecture of two schemes almost couldn’t find any difference in compatibility, the running effect is also in equal. About speed, has been mentioned before, there are subtle differences, but not in comparison with two machines, basic it is hard to find.

Heating situations: Affect the heat more than the chip itself, but also related to the internal structure design, so the contrast is just a preliminary to reference. Of course, single chip itself, should be dominant process more leading MT8389, actual performance is not necessarily so. Contrast the two products are used after use a metal shell, Watches the same video online for half an hour later, the back cover are maintained at the levels of 35 ~ 36 degrees, not hot. Instead, some positive temperature difference, MT8389 models positive up to 40 degrees, highest A31s models about 38 degrees, not much difference. But you can see that the fever is not smaller, mediatek scheme both fever is not high, so to speak. Of course this is only a specific to the measured differences of two models, with different model performance also will be floating?

Contrast conclusion: In some other details, as with the variable of solutions different models lead to differences, such as WiFi signal intensity, touch screen sensitivity, ceases to compare the effects, etc. Overall, MT8389 fluency and stability performance, web browsing effect is obviously better, faster than A31s there are also some small advantages (embodied in the program loading delay, multiple task switching speed, etc). And Allwinner perform better in the video decoding, online video broadcast, games, performance, etc. Thought of Mediatek MT8389 scheme in terms of power consumption and fever should have an advantage, but found no such result in contrast, the fever is not big, A31s even lower power consumption. Of course, there’s still too early to tell, after all, the only consider the selected test data to compare the two models

Except the contrast of these mentioned above, Mediatek MT8389 advantage is more obvious in sensor, package have practical bluetooth, GPS navigation, integration, and support the 3 g communication network and A31s to realize these functions also need peripheral chips, the corresponding increase my cost. Today, call tablet has become a new direction of development, Mediatek obviously more strength in this area.

Mens Replica Designer Watches – A style statement more then a device to check time

Mens designer watches – A style statement more then a device to check time

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Man-woman relationship in Vijay Tendulkar’s Sakharam Binder and Silence! The court is in session

Man-woman relationship in Vijay Tendulkar’s Sakharam Binder and Silence! The court is in session

Man-woman relationship in Vijay Tendulkar Sakharam Binder and Silence! The court is in session

Introduction: Vijay Tendulkar can be acknowledged as the precursor of modern Indian English drama. His contribution is marvellous and bulky in the development of modern dramatic sensibility. Though he didn write much more in English, the translated work from Marathi to English is really mind blowing. Born in Kolhapur and grown up in common Brahmin family he began to write when he was only six years old. He didn believe in idealism as his many plays derived inspiration from real life incidents or social upheavals which provides clear light on harsh realities. So I would like to say that Indian literature is fortunate enough to produce a versatile genius like Vijay Tendulkar whose contribution is remarkable not only in the development of the Indian English drama but also lies in providing proper name and magnitude to Modern Indian English drama . Man and woman are impartial parts of this world. Man is not complete without woman and woman is not complete without man. World has no value without man and woman. All the things happen here for man and woman and sometimes due to man and woman. Every religious book has a centre i.e. man and woman. All the things around them are made for them. Though they are made by god, their relationship is not made by themselves. The different things like culture, history, religion, society affect on their relationship. I am going to find out the complexities between man and woman with the help of Vijay Tendulkar selected plays. These plays are very typical in the sense of man-woman relationship. In Silence! The court is in session Miss Leela Benare is used by all male characters for their fun that terribly attack on her adulterous nature. Sakharam Binder presents relax and free life of Sakharam regarding the use of women which handles man-woman relationship in South ?Asia. He justifies all his acts through claims of modern, unconventional thinking, and comes up with hollow arguments meant in fact to enslave women. It was also one of the most famous dramas by late Vijay Tendulkar. The play was greatly appreciated by critics all over the world. For its critical nature and direct touch to social problem it was banned in India in early 70s.

1. Man-woman relationship in Sakharam Binder: Tendulkar himself was very interested in focusing on man-woman relationship and he did so in his plenty of plays. He shows the terrible and harsh reality of man and woman in Sakharam Binder. It deals with the topic of male domination over female. As a man of modernism and devoid of ethics and morality, Sakharam, the hero of this play opposes the outdated social codes and conventional marriage systems as he doesn believe in wedlock society and behaves like an outsider with the women who come into contact of him. He hates society and its laws of wedlock that is why he doesn want any permanent partner. So he gives shelter to abandoned wives and uses them to fulfil his sexual desires. He is far away from feelings and emotions. He loads all his household duties to enslave women. Why does he behave so? Who is responsible for his cruel behaviour? I think the elements like culture; history, religion, and society around him are responsible to make him so. He was born in Brahmin society but his parents failed to civilise him. His father would beat him terribly so he ran away from his house when he was eleven years old. Being a man he had some physical desirers and was impossible to live except fulfilling them. As he was against to social system, he disliked to have any wives so he began to bring abandoned women to do household duties and share his bed. Sakharam captures the strange and complex pathology and seems to want to please his “birds” even as he bullies them and who speaks like a free thinking crusader for women’s rights one minute and like a philistine scornful of their devotion to him the next. Sakharam is a bookbinder who prides himself on his lack of regard for cultural dictates. He looks at himself as progressive: smoking, drinking and laughing off the mockery and disgust of the villagers as they watch him lead these tainted wives to his home, a new one on the heels of each former woman’s departure. 1.1.Relationship between Sakharam and Lakshmi: The play opens with seventh woman, Lakshmi following Sakharam to his door. When she comes, he informs this dainty, suffering woman of the rules of the house, and of his requirements. It almost seems he is bluffing when he brutally warns in his practiced orientation speech that he is hotheaded and likely to revert to violence. He rules his home like a tin-pot tyrant, yet Lakshmi is told that she is free to leave whenever she likes. He will even give her a sari, 50 rupees and a ticket to wherever she wants to go. “Everything good and proper, where Sakharam Binder is concerned,” he says. “He’s no husband to forget common decency.” What he doesn’t anticipate are the moral and emotional complications of this arrangement, which prove heartbreakingly ruinous to everyone involved. Lakshmi is very religious but not so attractive. Sakharam treats her like a slave and uses her for different purposes. She lives with him for a year and he annoys her so much. One day he beat her so horribly that she couldn bear his tyranny. When he came to know that she is not enduring all this, he decided to send her to her nephew living in Amalner. Here the question rises, why was he troubling her? As she was religious and moral, she turned him into religious, made him to have a bath daily but it didn affect anymore on his personal nature. Poor Lakshmi gets her head smashed against the wall. She endures all things because she is woman while he tortures because he is a man. What had he wanted from Lakshmi? Why couldn Lakshmi give those things that he wanted? These questions are answered with the arrival of Champa. Sakharam’s tragedy turns out to pivot on his maturing social consciousness, his arrested enlightenment. He can see – almost – an idea of equality and shared humanity that transcends individual appetite, but nothing in his life) ever encourages him to follow its logic. So he makes his own philosophy of life. It is aybe I’m a rascal, a womanizer, a pauper. Why may be? I am all that. And I drink. But I must be respected in my own house. I’m the master here,” Binder tells Lakshmi. And he ends with one final requirement: “You’ll have to be a wife to me, and anyone with a little sense will know what to make of that.” The strapping actor impregnates his character with the unselfconscious mannerisms and prowling unpredictability of an undomesticated animal, reveling in his own bodily interjections — spitting, scratching, digesting –and indulging his appetite for food, drink and sex with an animal satisfaction that is uneasy to Watches at best. Lusty and greedy, Sakharam partakes in life’s pleasures and the woman in his company as a means of furthering his quotidian satisfaction. Lakshmi’s fiercely religious and pious nature enflames Sakharam, and after much brutality is heaped on her, she lashes out at him verbally and is kicked out of the house. Sakhakam wildness, Lakshmi kindness and Champa brightness do not go side by side, and their psychology to live life does not resemble each other so their relationship failed. If one looks another with a view of animal, how will such a relationship succeed? 1.2 Relationship between Sakharam and Champa: The entry of Champa is really attractive. Being a wife of dismissed Fouzdar Shinde, her living style is so reach but Sakharam looks at her as the machine of fulfilling desires. She is curvy, sensuous, frank and, because she walked out on her pining husband, has the illusion of choice as a bargaining tool. Her lack of concern and disregard for Binder’s instructions combined with her flirty intensity renders him speechless. The power shifts, making him glassy-eyed and useless. As she is beautiful lady, she tries to utilize it to live life. When she came to know that she doesn have anything, she makes herself to sell her body to anyone who might fulfil her all desires. The play unfolds with considerable comedic brio which escalates when the spunky, gorgeous Champa enters Sakharam’s humble little home. It’s quickly apparent that Champa causes the bookbinder’s self confidence to become as unglued as the pages not bound correctly in the bindery where he works. However, there is nothing comic about what amounts to repeated rape scenes. Unfortunately, the sign, that Sakharam is not just hot-tempered, but sadistic put him beyond comedic redemption. His cruelty intensifies with the heat of his passion and the second act veers straight into operatic territory. The abuse now turns even nastier. Even trimming some of the fat from this curry of sexual tensions would not save Sakharam Binder from being an overly melodramatic tragedy and too mean-spirited to be the comedy with a serious underlying theme that it could have been. 2. Man-woman relationship in Silence! The court is in session “Silence! The Court Is in Session” is a milestone in the history of whole Marathi as well Indian English drama. Tendulkar became the centre of general controversy. He was already called the epithet of the angry young man of the Marathi theatre. The theatre group is Silence! The Court Is in Session, attending a mock drama, actually a mock trial of Miss Benare, which comes to perform at a village, is a miniscule cross-section of middle class society, the member representative of its different sub-strata, their character, dialogues, gestures and even mannerisms reflect their petty, circumscribed existences fraught with frustrations and repressed desires that find expression in their malicious and spiteful attitudes towards their fellow beings. Leela Benare, the central character of the play, possess a natural lust for life, she ignores social norms and dictates. Beings different from others she is easily isolated and made the victim of a cruel game cunningly planned by her co-actors. 2.1 Relationship between Co-actors and Miss Benare: During the first half of the play, Benare is able to outsmart her co-actors. She is not caught in their trap. But the second half of the play witnesses a mock trial of Benare that is actually a trial of the whole female race in the country. It shows our hypocrisy, our double standards regarding men and women. Benare is accused of cheap conduct, of wooing men .of fulfilling her bodily needs. But the intellectual, the absent university professor .Damle who is equally a part of the bad conduct, is not at all held responsible. The very fact that he does not turn up speaks for his sense of responsibility towards this strained woman, Benare. Being pregnant from Prof. Damle she requests two of her colleagues at the drama company to marry her. But obviously enough, they are more smart. They also refuse to attach their names with her. During the mock trial she is labelled by all words. 2.2 Relationship between Prof. Damle and Miss Benare: The beginning of Benare exploitation begins with her uncle who had exploited her sexually when she was only of fourteen. As he was uncle it was no question of getting married to him. She starts her life all over again, studies and becomes a teacher. As a teacher she comes in contact with Prof. Damle whom she considers quite intelligent and academically superior man. Though married, the professor exploits her sexually and naturally refuses to marry her. When she became pregnant from him, she began to search a father of unborn child for avoiding a social wrath and humiliation. Prof Damle has been spread the iron rod. It is Benare who is accused of immortality, sin, promiscuity, over sexuality. The verdict dismisses her from her school job, orders for abortion, and blackens Leela Benare name. 2.3 Relationship between Mr. Kashikar and Mrs. Kashikar: Mr. Kashikar is always seen with his wife. The pair of this husband-wife is a super hypocrite, leading a false life that is devoid of any meaning. Tendulkar brings out the hollowness of their life so well. Mr. Kashikar buys flowers for wife. Mrs. Kashikar buys shirts for husband. They make a constant show of fondles in public. Their perpetual show of love becomes distasteful and repulsive. Mr. Kashikar does not let the wife speak at all. Whenever she tries to give an opinion her husbands shuts her up. Miss Benare’s private life is exposed and publicly dissected, revealing her illicit love affair with Professor Damle, a married man with a family, which has resulted in her pregnancy, Interestingly, the accusation brought her at the beginning of the trail that of infanticide turns into the verdict at the conclusion, principally because contemporary Indian society with its roots grounded firmly in reactionary ideas, cannot allow the birth of a child out of wedlock. This very reversal in the attitude of the authorities expresses the basic hypocrisy and double standards on which our society is founded. It is poignant, sensitive and highlights the vulnerability of women in our society but a good thing occurred that Tendulkar received. In Silence! The Court is in Session Vijay Tendulkar takes the covers off a traditionalist society, to show us just what it is capable of when given the power to lord over those who live by their own rules. With a drama in a drama, the play revolves around theatre group about to perform a play in a village. As the plot thickens the comforting mist of ‘pretend’ starts to dissolve revealing the frustrated, bitter and jaded lives of the performers. Light years ahead of its times, Silence… exposes the dark side of middle class morality, where judgments are passed by the minute and silence is often the only recourse left to the defendant.

Conclusion: Love is the most beautiful feeling that has been created by God and the basic foundation of a relation that exists between a man and a woman is love. A Man Woman Relationship is the most beautiful relationship on this earth but there are many people who do not hesitate to insult this relationship. It should also be noted that the relationship that a man and a woman share is not devoid of complexities. Therefore to have a successful Man Woman Relationship one needs to reflect on the various aspects that are associated with the relationship of love. In both the dramas, I found how man is responsible to destroy a lovely relationship between man and woman. We find some Sakharam Binders around us who though want equal rights to man and woman, yet the wild animal wrapped in a skin of lamb in their heart doesn allow to love women .Sakharam and Dawood, in Sakharam Binder and all co-actors in Silence! The court is in session think that woman is pound of flesh of them. For them, every woman is virtually her body – bones, flesh, curves! A woman is not identified with her intellectual, her ability, her intelligence, her courage or knowledge. She is just imagined as a sex object. That is why Lakshmi and Champa in Sakharam Binder and Miss Leela Benare and Mrs. Kashikar just remain puppets in the hand of man. If we try to enrich this relationship having any lesson from these plays, the purpose of Vijay Tendulkar to be ideal men-women will be succeeded.

REFERENCES: 1.Vijay Tendulkar: Collected plays in Translation, 2003, Oxford University Press. 2.Allardyce Nicoll: The theory of Drama, 1969, Doaba House, New Delhi.

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